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Tips to Success

High School Planning + College Application

​高中课程与大学申请 - 让你成功的要点

We host public seminars on a diverse range of topics: high school course planning, college application, and family relationship, etc. Attending a seminar is an efficient way for you to get valuable information on topics you are interested in.

Looking for a personalized experience to get your questions answered? Schedule an one-on-one consulting session with us! Receive detailed recommendations tailored to your need. 


As your personal mentor, we will equip you for every step of the application process. Get ready to shine!



Tree of Life Education & Communication is an education consulting service dedicated to bringing positive impact on student performance, family communication, and parenting methods. 


From course selection to college interview, from talent analysis to parenting advice, we strive to create the best-tailored plan for each student and family.  Sit down with us one on one and get your questions answered through a personalized, detailed consulting session. You are also welcomed to join our diverse range of educational seminars throughout the year to learn more about academic planning tips and family relation strategies. 


The approval of students and parents confirms our vision and motivates us to do more and help more. We have been able to make a change in over 300 families through seminars and one-on-one sessions. 


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