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Tree of Life Edu & Comm strives to build healthy, positive, and supportive family relationship, encouraging parents and children to grow together. We help children to discover their unique potential and talents and help parents to be their best supporters on this journey.



Informative, professional, effective. 

We host a series of seminars each year to present valuable information on diverse topics. Whether you are hoping to learn more about academic tips or seeking expert advice on parenting methods, come to our seminars and leave with solutions! 

  1. High School Four-Year Course Planning

  2. College Application Step by Step

  3. Correct Parenting Methods 

  4. Help Your Children Get Out of Internet and Game Addiction

Most Demanded Topics

  1. Communication with Teenagers

  2. A Parental Guide to Teen Depression

  3. Verbal and Emotional Abuse 

  4. Self-Worth

  5. Anger in Family

  6. Preventing Suicide

Topics on Schedule

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Consulting Session

Detailed, personalized, solution-based. 

Every student is different, so is every family. Our expert consultant will sit down with you one on one to complete a detailed analysis of your case. Let it be academic planning, college goals, communication problems, study style analysis...We will help you to find the best suitable solution and guide you to walk on the path to success.

Contact us to schedule, and fill out the Pre-Consulting Form.

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