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Student Performance, Family Communication, Parenting Methods

Your Growth = Our Achievement

Our Story

The seed of this "Tree of Life" began sprouting five years ago. At that time, Annie used her summer times to tutor students who needed improvement in certain subjects and helped them to prep for all kinds of exams. Through our communication with the students and their parents, we realized that many of them were seeking someone to guide them in terms of establishing a suitable and effective plan for high school and college application. Beata also noticed that building strong and supportive relations between parents and children is a common challenge for a lot of families. Therefore, after Annie graduated from high school, we hosted a free seminar on the topics of High School Planning. The turnout was impressive. The room was overfilled. 


That is when we decided to officially start Tree of Life, an education consulting service dedicated to bringing positive impact on student performance, family communication, and parenting methods. 


Through Tree of Life, Annie gets an opportunity to share her valuable experience with younger students while Beata fulfills her passion for encouraging fellow parents to establish a great relationship with their children.


From course selection to college interview, from talent analysis to parenting advice, we strive to create the best-tailored plan for each student and family. The approval of students and parents confirms our vision and motivates us to do more and help more. Each time we help a student to achieve growth, our tree of life also grows a new fresh branch. Now, we have been able to make a change in over 300 families through seminars and one-on-one sessions. We are proud of our students' growth and our own growth.









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